Being mean in the plane

The new year is only less than three full days old and I’m about to throw my intentions of not being mean completely overboard.

After the last two days in New York we flew back home today. Despite the two hours waiting time at the check-in in NYC I managed to not be mean. Despite the fact that funny furs, bizarre hats and loud Italians would have given me plenty of reasons. Mr. Mc2 diligently practiced his criticism, while I exercised myself in forbearance.

I was brave until that very moment on our last flight from Frankfurt. We were sitting in a row with three seats, with me in the middle of the row. I was tired and all I wanted to do was to sleep! For that, I needed space. The crew gave the “Boarding Completed” signal and the only one still standing was a woman five rows in front of us, struggling with her suitcase. “Strike,” I said to Mr. Mc2, while sliding towards the window although I secretly feared I’d said it too early. And I was right, I jinxed it.

On the Plane

On the Plane

“I want to sit there!”, I heard from the front of the plane. I feared the worst, but the steward seem to grasp the situation quickly.
“You can sit here like, it’s all empty.”
“No, I want to sit right there, at the window.”
We were too tired to fight. I wanted to be nice and assumed that the lady liked the view out of planes exactly as much as I do. So I let her be and squeezed in the middle of the row.

However, my sympathy stopped when I understood that she was not at all interested in the view, but rather slipped a neck pillow, blindfold and earplugs in within twenty seconds. I hated her immediately, really! I was awake for a hundred hours and all I wanted to do was to sleep. That’s what she did, loudly, while I sat in the middle of the row and tried to not let my violent fantasies get to me.

Me being nice in January will be a hard task!

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