Being mean in the subway

in the Subway

in the Subway

It was in the middle of the day in the subway when I started telling Mr. Mc2 about all the things the lady across from us did NOT have. No style, no sense of smell, no understanding of healthy nutrition. She was pink, very big, smelled like my great-grandma and ate a big bag of chips. It wasn’t until Mr. Mc2 started agreeing with me and wrinkling his nose as well that I realized what I was doing. Without a second thought I had already broken one of my 2015 rules. I started being mean – without reflection, without need. I had endured enough mobbing and backbiting myself in my life so during that month I actually intended to practice my leniency concerning stupid, rude or disgusting people. Instead of doing just that, I didn’t even make it through the first day when confronted with a pink sugar candy. I had to get out of New York. Really fast!

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