Can we be mean to shoes?

Yo know this scene out of movies or maybe even out of your memory: It’s Christmas and the kids rip open their presents and the joy lasts for some seconds, then they throw it in the corner, only to open the next one.

That’s how I felt standing in front of my shoe rack. When did I become that kind of women? That kind of Sex and the City-woman? Before that all started I had only three pairs of shoes, nowadays I have…alright, let’s rather not talk about the number.

No Shoes? - Cartoon Frau Louise

No Shoes?

After Mr. Mc2 and I shopped at Saks Fifth Avenue over our New Year’s vacation, I had enough. I wanted to appreciate the existence of those shoes in my life and so I decided to not “rip open the next present” and throw those darlings in the metaphorical corner. On the contrary, I decided to add another task to my existing 12 tasks this year: I’ll buy no shoes. Because let’s be honest, how many shoes does a woman need?

So I’ll traipse around in my old ones and see how far that gets me. No matter if there’s a flood or a snowstorm – I count on my shoe rack to give me what I need.

All I have to avoid this year is New York, Paris, end-of-season sales and the internet. How hard can that be?

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