Why cheese is the new meat…

Cartoon Why cheese is the new meat

Why cheese is the new meat

February turned out to be exactly as I pictured it: if you take my meat away, I’ll turn to cheese. Cheese is the new meat, because although I was always drawn to cheese in a very strong way, that tension has risen exponentially in the last few days. Cheese is the new meat, I can only repeat myself! Cut, melted, baked, fried, grated, breaded: BRING IT ON!

I would not not want to analyze that in a psychological way…because why am I turning to the final product if I can’t eat its producer any longer, but at least I got one other thing straight: I could never become vegan! What the hell should I eat then? Or…what would I eat if I become Frutarian ???

There are certain things Frau Louise really does NOT want to know!!

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