I know about the Chinook even without Google!

When I was still little, I wished for a machine that I could ask question about everything: unknown knowledge, the future, information about my stars back then. Then Google started.

Whenever a question comes up in a discussion that we aren’t able to answer right away, someone will probably say: “Let’s Google it!” Few clicks later either our smartphones or laptops know the answer.

This month without Google shall prove to me, that knowledge can come without it. As I learned in the past days, it also works simply by listening to others. Of course I might not be able to catch the whole truth or all the information that way, but it is enough to start with. It’s easy learning simply by listening.

Cartoon Frau Louise learned about the Chinook the hard way

Frau Louise learned about the Chinook the hard way

I became aware of that when learning about the “Chinook”. You are able to Google, so you can check if the following information is true (or if the proper spelling is maybe Tschinuk, Chinock or Tschuckinockinucki)…

Here is, what I know (based on experience or listening)
– Chinook is a condition or wind in the Rockies
– Chinook means “Snow Eater, because it brings a warm weather change at a cold time
– If it get’s warm, it get’s windy
– Chinook is a terrible migraine-time
– Chinook is responsible for grown-up woman almost fainting and feeling dizzy
– Chinook forms a big, half-circle cloud around the mountain range
– Chinook is the only reason why I could not live in Calgary/Canmore

I’ll only be able to check if all of this is correct, once I’m google-ing again in April – or as soon as I found a proper book. But even without Google I was able to gather some good knowledge about the Tschuckinockinucki – the hard way, through migraines and dizzyness :-)

1 comment on “I know about the Chinook even without Google!”

  1. Noel Reply

    You have captured the meaning and the essence of “chinook” without Google. It does bother many people, headaches, and migraines occur for many. It is too bad you were not able to enjoy one of the best features of winter here. You recall the temperatures were -20 C only a few days ago, yesterday afternoon my car thermometer read +20 C.
    Look up Föhn when you go to the library. ; )

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