…and it gets even harder

After day five I realized that there are two things making it really hard to live meat free.

  • Asia
  • Planes
Of course it is possible that this theory is solely based on me being captured in those two spheres four out of the five days in February.
The problem in Asia or especially in Korea was that I had no idea whatsoever about what was in the various meals. There was beef hidden in the middle of my vegetable noodle soup and I had to dug up the pig underneath my rice….the meals looked like hell after I was done with them, but at least I stayed true to my resolution.
Cartoon - Going meat free is hard. They are hiding everywhere!

Going meat free is hard. They are hiding everywhere!

The situation in the plane was the same, the pasta with meatballs ended up being a plain, boring pasta and the pig-vegetable-rice mix got transformed into a very weird looking something. The food in planes is already horrible under normal circumstances but in a meat free month it got even worse, since I had to leave out the highlights of the meals. That’s how the meatballs just laid there, waiting for me to eat them. It is only day five…but hell, it was hard!

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