How hard it can be to live meat free…

Meat free month - Cartoon

Meat free month

…when you’re traveling!

I flew to Korea today and ran into the first problems already in the plane:

“We have no vegetarian meal, you needed to announce that beforehand!”
“I thought, you were Asians and that everything is vegetarian with you guys (I really just thought that and did not say it out loud!)”

That’s how I ended up picking out the meat out of my plane meal. The same happened once again during dinner at my hotel…there was beef in the soup, because they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Celebrating going into my meat free month I ate a great Wiener Schnitzel on Saturday! I already miss having meat when thinking about how delicious it was. Or how delicious the Carpaccio could have been when I ate at an Italian place just one day later…

Luckily I’ll only spend four days of February in Canada before it will be March. I couldn’t imagine living without meat there!!

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