March – No Google – How am I supposed to work?

March - No Google

March – No Google

Some people will probably think I’m nuts. And I can totally understand that. But as difficult it is for other people to stay away from alcohol, as hard it will be for me to give up Google. As a freelancer, I cannot exist without that website. Research, translations, directions, image search, videos…you name it! Google makes my life a lot easier. However, I want to give it up a month anyway, because, as Goethe said “Two souls do dwell, alas!, within my breast!” (Yes, I’ve googled, because I had no idea what the quote would be in English…): I am also the daughter of a librarian. And that’s why I know best, that there are things such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlantes, etc. to help. And if everything else fails: Maybe I’ll try Bing or Yahoo again after a ten years hiatus. ☺

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