Being mean and how the sun can change that

Being mean - How the sun can change everything

Being mean – How the sun can change everything

When I woke up this morning, I had a bad headache and no desire at all to cycle to the office. But then I opened my eyes and I saw the sun. Blue sky, a soothing light and a bright winter sun, yeah! What sounds kind of poetic, actually put me out of bed in a flash.

Cycling in other weather conditions, I would have been very mean to probably everyone crossing my path. But with the sun shining down on me, I smilingly pedaled my way, ignoring all the traffic rowdies around me.

I figured that the sun does not only help when it comes to winter depressions, it also helps against acute meanness.

So I started thinking that this would mean that people living in regions with lots of sun should be in a good and peaceful mood all the time. Then I thought of Syria, the Middle East, Iran and Co. and scratched this theory immediately. Bummer!

Instead of always being mean:
Try enjoying the sun once in a while …!

Good morning sunshine

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