A meatless life is unhealthier than expected

Cartoon My poor nails. Screw you, meatless life!

My poor nails. Screw you, meatless life!

After my nails started to break after my return from Korea, I thought nothing of it. This happens whenever I’m stressed. In order to hide the mess, I applied nail polish. And again … and again. But whenever I looked underneath, my nails looked like I chewed them. That never happened before.

It took a while until a friend told me that this might have to do with the meat. Her friend experienced the same problems. So I need to compensate my elimination of meat somehow, because this week was really good and I stayed away from everything “meaty”.

I had an idea: I’d eat salmon instead!
Which leads me to another question: why do some vegetarians eat fish and seafood, but still call themselves vegetarians? Is a vegetarian someone who does not eat meat or is a vegetarian someone who eats no living creatures (except plants of course) at all?

SERIOUSLY: The longer I try it, the more confusing I find the whole thing …

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