Movie reviews February

The Imitation Game

I was disappointed. What was this movie? A movie about gay rights? One about the Enigma? One about robot-like men? If the movie had decided for one storyline, it would have been just as grand as Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance. But sadly, it did not. It tried to tell every story it could possibly find. While its main actor was its big strength, the plot was its weakness.

Frau Louise's Academy Awards favorite: Birdman Cartoon

Frau Louise’s Academy Awards favorite: Birdman


I heard the hype and I feared the hype. Because that’s the thing with hypes: are they justified? YES, they are. An amazing Michael Keaton and an outstanding script made this one of the best films of the year. And while he denies it: how can you not relate the “super hero”-turned-“not so famous anymore” story to Keaton’s Batman? Whatever the truth behind it is: go watch it!

The Good Lie

Dear Czech Airlines, thank you for bringing me this movie way ahead of its April 2015 release in Germany. The story about the “Lost Boys” from Sudan was intense, but it was not cheesy or filled with too much pathos. I adored the straight-talking Reese Witherspoon and one just had to love the storyline, that not enough people know about.

Before I go to Sleep

Finally was able to watch the movie in the plane to Korea, after I missed it in the movie theater. The problem with Nicole Kidman is, that she always looks like a scared squirrel, no matter which movie she is in. On the other hand, one has to love seeing Colin Firth as the bad guy. Enjoyed that one a lot and I also liked, that the movie’s storyline could still surprise me.


Man, really? Despite the constant jokes about his mustache (which turned out to be a fun couple game) this movie would have been so lame without the well-know Johnny Depp-attitude. If JD plays in a movie, he plays JD. That’s what he does best and that’s what helped the movie survive. Other than that it was ok-ish.

The Theory of Everything

Brilliant performance by Eddie Redmayne. Touching and intriguing, but sadly not really surprising. That’s why the Academy Award result was just fine: good actor, but the rest of the movie was more or less a B.


A movie about a topic that has been talked about enough. Yet, Reese Witherspoon’s performance is touching, honest and very moving. At some point in the movie, all movie goers were ready to start walking…

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