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St. Vincent

Oh my god, thank you Bill Murray for THIS. I never knew that I wanted to see Naomi Watts like that, but darn, she really pulled of the Russian (Ukrainian?) prostitute just great. I’m still not a big fan of Melissa McCarthy (in movies, I loved her in Gilmore Girls!) but the movie itself was brilliant enough to not let me bother too much with the not-so-great-moments.


The Gambler

Next to St. Vincent yet another gambling-addiction-loser-kind-of film, although this one is quite darker. John Goodman is brilliant as always although I could have lived my life without seeing him sauna-ready. The rest of the movie you just WONDER WHY. What’s the problem with Mark Wahlberg? Seriously, what’s the problem, dude?



It’s a muscial, so I had to go alone. But man, I was happy that my other half was not with me. Like that I could enjoy tacos without anyone counting calories AND I could enjoy the music. Although there was a big, BIG WTF-moment when Annie started singing German. Wait a minute, the German trailer suggested they’d sing in English? I was bumped, because after this great “My best friend’s wedding”-Cameron Diaz-singing-moment I was ready to hear her voice again. I’ll have to watch it again in the original version. For now, I have to say, I loved this homage to New York. Feels good to know, which streets Annie is dancing along. Feels really good.



Sadly, the trailer showed the movies’ best moments. In the beginning, that robot was cute and it was funny, but then it just turned out to be just a lame, very lame movie. I didn’t even make it to the last five minutes. Maybe everyone died, then I’m sorry about this review. But if everything finished just as expected, it really was lame…


The Immigrant

What a beautiful story – and it didn’t even make it into German theaters. Joaquin Phoenix and Marion Cotillard are a fine pairing of master and …whore? Thank god that she is way more than that – I rarely have seen such a strong but calm woman in the movies. I’m sad about Jeremy Renner, but that is what makes this story of a Polish immigrant in the States so strong, unique and so believable.


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