January – No being mean. How boring!

January - No being mean

January – No being mean

I am not really a mean or nasty person. But I often catch myself backbiting or condemning people without knowing them. Sometimes just a teen with a size XL wearing pink size S clothes is enough to get me started – or an unemployed person with two crates of beer under his arm moaning about the non-existent money to feed his family. I find it incredibly hard to remain ignorant when it comes to stupidity. I’d rather get hopelessly upset. And of course there are also people in my past, who would take over the role of Nemesis in my biopic and still manage to haunt me from time to time. So no matter what shit comes my way, in January I will try to be NICER. No backbiting, no stalking of Nemesises (or Nemessissis? ☺) and no condemnation of people.

Puhhh … this is gonna be boring.

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