May – No Chocolate. Kind of a lucky month!

May - No chocolate

May – No chocolate

The only month I’m honestly relieved about is May. I expected to not be able to eat chocolate somewhere in winter or maybe somewhere in fall when it’s rainy and cold and dark outside. But not being able to eat chocolate in May might make the task an easier one to accomplish! (Or so I hope.)

Because the thing with chocolate and me is that we do love each other. We are in a very close and loving relationship. When I get lonely, when I’m bored or when my blood sugar level is low, chocolate is there for me.

I don’t smoke, I rarely drink and I certainly don’t do hard drugs. But you could say that I am a true chocolate addict. So yes, it will be hard, I’ll probably get into a cold-turkey-phase…but on the positive side: it could have been worse!

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