August – No Facebook. Sad birthday ahead!

August - No Facebook

August – No Facebook

Out of all months, August is the worst one to not have Facebook.

About three years ago, I still had around 400+ friends on there, but nowadays I am down to around 30. It was a necessary move and I feel quite liberated ever since I kicked out all the rest. Since then I am no longer a Facebook addict who spends four hours a day on there, stalking people and commenting every shit.

So why such a drama about August? Because it is my birthday and usually on my birthday I’m somewhere else in the world and not able to celebrate with my family and friends (and/or able to receive phone calls). Last year I was working in China, which meant that I felt really lonesome on that particular day. Facebook helped me stay connected in some way.

My only hope now (and then again NOT, because who wouldn’t like the extra money?), is that I have no international gig lined up for 2015. Otherwise, dear friends and family and well-wishers: please opt for homers.

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