November – No negative thoughts. YEAH!

November - No negative thoughts

November – No negative thoughts

While I’m writing the draft for this post I’m in the middle of November blues. A November blues that came out of nowhere and had no real reason behind it. But I’m sitting around, feeling sad for myself and having trouble motivating myself to work, to go out and to laugh. Apparently a lot of people know what I’m talking about…Luckily enough, it stops after a few days, but if I could choose I rather skip it altogether.

So not being able to have my November blues next year is kind of a nice idea but I doubt it will work. Grey days, bad weather with rain and even more rain – all that shit actually benefits my annual November blues. Listening to B.B. King, Melody Gardot and Nina Simone might also not be the best idea.

Also, where do negative thoughts start and where do they stop? November will be an interesting self-analysis time and I can’t wait for it to start. One thing I know for sure is: if I want to avoid negative thoughts I’ll better not be driving in November!

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