December – No shopping. No presents?

December - No Shopping

No Shopping? HOW will I survive? :-)

Oh my god – that’s the worst case scenario.

No shopping in December?

It is not that I’m a big shopaholic and need to go shopping all the time. But I’d like to be able to shop before Christmas time. I mean, who wouldn’t? Not being able to help out Santa Claus with all his duties is just plain mean. Even if I start shopping earlier and try to get all my Christmas presents done till the end of November it still will be freaking hard to satisfy everyone – myself included.

Because, let’s be honest; we get most of the ideas for Christmas during those days leading up to Christmas.

Also, I am such a huge fan of Christmas and I love having beautiful Christmas lights like the one on the picture below all around my place.

German Christmas Lights

German Christmas Lights

Putting them up and seeing that I might be missing one here or one there hurts me every time! I’d love to be able to get another one once Christmas comes near.

So yes, it will be quite interesting to see how I cope NOT shopping during December. At least there is one good thing to it. This task only applies to December 2015. If it would apply to December 2014, I’d end the whole project. Because I’m going to New York, biaaatches! Macy’s, vintage stores, book stores, Saks – noooooo,  THAT would just be too cruel to bear.

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