Problems with alcohol and chickens

cartoon Chicken is no longer considered meat. It's healthy, ergo it's salad

Chicken is no longer considered meat. It’s healthy, ergo it’s salad

I realized two things this weekend:

  • People have a strange relationship with alcohol
  • People have a strange relationship with Chicken

Unfortunately my other half and  I were invited for a drink with our neighbors. One and a half gin and tonics later the appetizers plate arrived and although my friends apologized that they had forgotten about my meatless month, there it was, in front of me: first class Serrano … I rather to do not talk about the result. But yes, I did not make it through the night. I actually would have been ashamed, but thanks to the Gin, all feelings left were killed anyhow. But now I am even more willing to make it through the rest of the month !!

Regarding the chicken, I can only say that I learned – interestingly enough – in this round, that chicken is longer counts as meat. Its poultry, not meat! We seem to be trimmed to avoid pork wherever possible, and chicken is understandably seen as a healthier alternative. Apparently it is considered THAT healthy that it now has reached the status of salad and no longer counts as meat.

I did not expect this whole meat thing to be SO complicated … :)

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