The spirit is willing but the meat won!

For about a week I’ve managed to live meat free - and then I went to a Czech wedding! If you know the Czech cuisine, you’ll know what that means. Appetizer: meat. Main course: meat. Dessert … tasted like heaven (but is luckily no meat!)

The night before the wedding I was lucky with an a la carte menu, so I was able to replace the meat with delicious baked cheese. At the wedding itself, it turned out to be not so easy.  I was able to pick out the meat out of the appetizers soup, the main course, however, destroyed all my hopes of making it through this month. It was duck! Delicious duck. Very delicious smelling duck.


I ate everything around it and left the duck untouched until the very end, then the internal and external pressure became too great. International language problems, cultural differences and peer pressure left me no choice but to  eat the bird. I sinned … and alas … it felt good. Very, very good – sorry, Donald.

What I learned from this fall-back? Vegetarians have it damn hard and they live a lonely life!!! They are considered as picky, different, weird, crazy, especially among Czech.

Lonely life of a Vegetarian - No Meat Cartoon

Lonely life of a Vegetarian

And – let’s be honest…it was a wedding! Who am I to destroy a wedding by being the “difficult killjoy from Germany”? :-)

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