I did it – thanks to cheese and salmon

Bratwurst temptations everywhere Cartoon meatfree

Bratwurst temptations everywhere

Alright people, the last day of February has arrived and I successfully resisted any further temptation since my last Gin-Tonic-caused sin (thanks to cheese and salmon). It wasn’t easy, I have to be honest about that. Since four days now I am in Canada – the land of burgers, chicken wings and BURGERS. It is not easy to resist that and the last days in Germany certainly weren’t easy either. Every Bratwurst would throw itself at me, desperately trying to get my attention. My nostrils and my brain were constantly fighting – but, although I didn’t make it through the whole month, at least I tried. And now I guess my finger nails are more than ready for some meat. Watch out Canada! I’ve ignored your blessings for far too long now. Bring on the burgers, BBQs and bears. I’m ready for you!

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