One Month Without – the tasks

What’s coming up on “One month without”

Here is the overview over my tasks assigned for this year. Just one klick and you get all the information:

January February March April
One Month Without - January - No being mean One Month Without - February - No meat One Month Without - March - No Google One Month Without - April - No self doubts
No being mean No meat No Google No self-doubts
May June July August
May - No chocolate June - No Procrastinating July - No sugar August - No Facebook
No chocolate No procrastinating No sugar No Facebook
September October November December
September - No TV October - No coffee November - No negative thoughts December - No Shopping
No TV No coffee No negative thoughts No shopping

Nope, I didn’t cheat

Also, before people think I cheated…I didn’t. Here’s the video of the draw I did to assign a task to each month. Excuse the poor cutting – I’m no Picasso (see the poor cartoons above?) and I’m most certainly no Martin Scorsese. :-)

(watch on Youtube)