Why all this…?

I think the idea behind blogging is great. So far, I only read my friends’ blogs or my own travel adventures but in the recent months I have found more and more interesting blogs – and THEIR authors really have something to say in their respective field (i.e. Gretchen Rubin, The Classy Cubicle and The Cake Lady). Unfortunately that is not always the case and perhaps I myself will be no exception in the course of this one-year experiment.

But who would know before trying?

My outlet

I used to write a lot. Now I write professionally. In my opinion, these are two completely different things. While I processed my heartaches, teenage problems or relationship troubles in the early days with the help of my writing, I’m simply in a too good position in my life right now. I have no further need for this kind of therapy. So, Frau Louise decided to be really clever and to create a reason for needing an outlet.

I eventually formed the idea of putting me into odd and extraordinary situations and process my experiences. What am I able to accomplish if I’m not allowed to watch TV? Do I have more energy without coffee or do I sleep for the whole month. Is chocolate an addiction or could I still manage to live without it?

One thing I can promise you: it won’t get boring. The „tasks“ for each month were drawn in a random order and the result are a few combination I really could have done without.

No sex?

Frau Louise confesses

Frau Louise confesses

Friends asked me: Why do you not waive sex for a month? Or food? My answer: because we’re neither at Jackass nor in a monastery. The tasks I’ve set for myself fulfill a purpose and have to do with behaviors that I’d rather change about myself.

Now the crucial question: Why do I blog about it?


Because I have a weak, weak mind and if I just think about not having chocolate or coffee or sugar I feel even weaker. YOU are my confessor, my good conscience, my devil and my angel. I will fail sooner or later. And if that happens I hope that you will either understand or you will scold me. But I cannot do this alone!